With the goal of reenergizing a nearly four-decade-old brand, the Chief Marketing Officer at Wise Construction reached out to us to help them create a mission and values statement. Conducting a series of in-depth conversations, we created language that reflects what they do and informs their audience about what matters to them. These statements are visible not only in their refreshed marketing materials but also at their events and in their office space. They are a good example of living your values!

Wise then hired us to design and develop a new corporate website. We created a detailed, custom wireframe that allowed the client to present their capabilities and projects in a visitor-driven way. Given the volume of custom pages with multiple images and copy, we developed a database system for organizing and sorting their portfolio of jobs as well as a custom search function for an easy user experience.

As part of the website development, our team of writers and videographers scripted and shot a custom video at three of Wise Construction’s job sites as well as their headquarters. This allowed the employees (and office dogs) at Wise to directly participate in telling the story of Wise.

Next was training the in-house marketing department to ensure they could maintain the new site and make most updates on their own. With this accomplished, we launched their new site in time for their employee appreciation event, another project we helped bring to life.

“Starting with a Deep Dive, the Communications, Ink team has provided a fresh look to our decades-old brand and helped us better define who we are and why we exist. The team thinks big and innovatively without losing track of details and delivers on what they promise. They offer the ingenuity you’d expect from a large agency with the personality, attention, and care of a small agency. If you’re seeking a team that makes an impact and is fun to collaborate with, look no further!” - Laura Player, Chief Marketing Officer, Wise Construction.