Communications, Ink was hired by Fidelity House CRC, a Massachusetts health and human services organization, to rebrand the organization after a recent merger. We worked with the client to create key messaging that would bring the two entities together in an authentic way. Based on our Deep Dive interviews, we created a brand statement for them to anchor their new marketing efforts. We ideated their new name, Waystone, and designed a new logo with an icon that is a marker set along a path to guide individuals and reassure them that others have traveled the path before them. With the new logo and messaging in place, we deployed the branding across their print, signage and digital materials.

The merger required a complete re-design of their existing website. We scripted, directed and animated a brand video to be used on the website to explain the merger and the updated mission of the company. We were able to design an exciting new website with navigation that allows care givers and families to quickly access their program information.