Formerly called the North Shore Community Mediation Center, this organization empowers individuals to resolve their conflicts using the most powerful human skill: effective communication. Communications, Ink was hired to update their branding and design and develop a new website. We conducted a Deep Dive, engaging in conversations with their wide audiences from non-English speaking residents to attorneys and donors. It became very clear there was little understanding for the word “mediation” and that it didn’t properly express what people desire: to resolve their conflicts.

With this information, we worked on a new name and tagline. The new name and tagline were incorporated into a custom logo that shows the overlap between two parties that creates common ground for understanding and resolution. We chose a calming color palette that expressed how mediation can lower the intensity of conflict. With a new Style Guide, we created a brochure and print materials to promote not only the new name but a clearer way to explain their services to all their audiences. Using the key messages, we wrote optimized copy and designed a custom website that’s easy to update for events and announcements as well as view across all devices.