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Strategy is the brains behind all impactful marketing. We partner with organizations of all sizes and stages to understand their business and then refine their vision and story. Our process starts and ends with your customers. We take the time, using our proprietary Deep Dive process to understand who they are and what they like.

Before you jump into a new marketing plan, it’s worth taking a Deep Dive with a seasoned marketing team like Communications, Ink to better understand your strengths, differentiators, target audiences, key messages and tone.

What is "The Deep Dive"?

Our time-tested process goes beyond secondary research to understand the environment in which you operate. We do this by interviewing key stakeholders and doing an in-depth analysis of your peers. With this knowledge, we generate meaningful copy and images that resonate with your audiences and can be used throughout your entire marketing plans and campaigns.

We help you discover...

  • WHO your target audiences are
  • WHAT to say to them
  • WHERE to reach them
  • WHEN to connect with them
  • WHY your organization matters to them

We have a "client tested, client approved" process for gathering this important information. In the end, we'll have real answers allowing us to focus on your audiences’ relationships with the advertising channels they trust. This enables us to create a marketing plan for a hyper-connected world.

Our Deep Dive includes...

Secondary Research

  • Market trends review
  • Peer analysis
  • Data collection & interpretation

Marketing Audit

  • Channel identification and analysis
  • Marketing and campaign materials
  • Strategic document evaluation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Goal articulation
  • Budget analysis
  • Plan creation
  • Role assignment & training

Surveys & Interviews with internal staff, customers (past & present) and influencers

  • Confidential 1-1 Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Interpretation and theme identification

Audience Identification & Psychographic Profiling

  • Ideal customer profile articulation
  • Psychographic definitions based on personality, attitudes, habits, interests, education and demographics

Message Mapping

  • Company positioning and USP
  • Tone and emotion refinement
  • Key message generation, alignment and prioritization
  • Support points
  • Big Idea synthesis


  • One-page actionable roadmap for your marketing strategy

Equipped with this toolbox of knowledge, you are ready to discover your new opportunities. Let’s get started!

Click on the images below to see some samples of our work: