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After an in-depth Kickoff meeting, our team got to work articulating the school’s goals and really getting to know their audiences. We tested the current website against these goals by asking real life students, faculty and parents to do specific tasks. The results were less than encouraging but helped us build a new wireframe to organize the content.

Along with a dedicated team at the Tech, we began to collect copy, images, forms and linkouts. With such a busy and engaged school, there was quite a bit to gather! From there we set to work organizing it not only for the current students their parents and school staff but also for prospective students and their families. We did this through a lens for inclusivity and to an audience who might not speak English or could be neurodivergent.

After our team’s designs moved to the development phase, our final steps were training up their IT department so that they could maintain the site themselves and then we took the site live.

"Thank you so much to the entire Communications, Ink team for making our website redesign project a success! Everyone has been phenomenal to work with and we are thrilled with the outcome of the site." - Joe Marino, Director of Technology, Essex North Shore Technical & Agricultural School


Wenham Museum approached Communications, Ink to help them prepare for their 100th anniversary and the rollout of their Vision 2022. Over the decades, their collections have evolved as has the lens through which they address social issues. Their branding, designed in the late 1990s, no longer reflected this.From a practical perspective, their current logo was only one-color and hard to scale across digital platforms.

For more than 25 years, Communications, Ink has been helping non-profits like Wenham Museum rebrand and adapt to new audiences. It starts with our Deep Dive that takes input from staff, members and donors to fully understand membership, programming, operations and future goals. During that time we also considered a name change but together we determined the name properly represents who they are. The name also has significant recognition. What we uncovered during the Deep Dive was that while much has changed over the past 100 years, the desire to gather, play and learn has remained compelling for all ages. Working off this concept, the new icon is an interpretation of a whirlygig. The new color palette is energetic and youthful. Their new brand focuses on providing timeless experiences for visitors of all ages and interests through child-centered, artifact-driven experiences that interpret our local history. Their new icon, a whirlygig is a colorful, simple, kinetic toy built and enjoyed by children and adults for generations. The color palette is a playful interpretation of the vibrant energy the museum generates for play, creativity, engagement and learning.

“The Wenham Museum is a beloved North Shore institution that has delighted generations with its collections and programming. We are very excited to introduce our updated brand that is grounded in our 100 year history and looks to the future with excitement for what we have to offer families and their friends.” - Kennan Anderson, President of the Board


OEM Press wanted to increase their visibility with new and existing audiences but realized they needed a better website experience. We did an audit of their existing website, along with their third party platform, and quickly realized the current site had significant design flaws and they were paying large fees for services they weren’t using. The challenge was building a new website without losing decades of sales history. After choosing a new platform, we were able to build a website that allowed them to showcase their library of books for sale without losing any of their important data.

Using our flywheel concept, we worked with the client to teach them how to run their own marketing campaigns. We added a promotional landing page to their website, designed an Eblast for their MailChimp account and updated their social media platforms. The experience of shadowing us via Zoom helped the client to learn by doing and they’re now off and running their own campaigns!


This women-owned business turned to us to create a new brand and website. The owner wanted a color palette that set them apart from other electrical contractors in the greater Boston area. Since the branding would appear on business cards, hardhats and t-shirts as well as trucks and a website, we needed a simple logo that was easy to recognize. We designed a dynamic website that provides an overview of the company, is a recruitment tool for new employees and allows visitors to get in touch with the business 24/7.


This boutique tax advisory firm asked us to design a website and business cards for their newly-formed company. We designed and launched a website that would inform their audiences of their services, keep them up to date on recent tax changes and allow prospects to learn more about the company. We organized a photoshoot at their Boston office and took advantage of their outdoor space to capture headshots for the principals and images of the city for their website.


When the non-profit Gloucester Community and Cultural Center was looking for a marketing partner to help them create a new brand and build excitement for a waterfront project, they turned to Communications, Ink. Through our Deep Dive interviews with local residents, business owners and board members, we were able to identify the key message themes and differentiators that would appeal to their diverse target audiences. We ideated a new name for the project, Pier 58, to be a nod to the rich maritime history of the location.

The new logo was designed as a multi-dimensional reference to the waves of the waterfront, a spotlight at a performance and the ability of the venue to ripple out into the community by connecting people and supporting the financial future of the city. Using the architect’s renderings and our own drone footage, we created a video that showed the new building being built virtually on the proposed location. We designed and launched a new website for the people of Gloucester to be able to access more information and get involved.


Communications, Ink was hired by Fidelity House CRC, a Massachusetts health and human services organization, to rebrand the organization after a recent merger. We worked with the client to create key messaging that would bring the two entities together in an authentic way. Based on our Deep Dive interviews, we created a brand statement for them to anchor their new marketing efforts. We ideated their new name, Waystone, and designed a new logo with an icon that is a marker set along a path to guide individuals and reassure them that others have traveled the path before them. With the new logo and messaging in place, we deployed the branding across their print, signage and digital materials.

The merger required a complete re-design of their existing website. We scripted, directed and animated a brand video to be used on the website to explain the merger and the updated mission of the company. We were able to design an exciting new website with navigation that allows care givers and families to quickly access their program information.


Founded by the family of Henri Termeer, a pioneer in the biotech Industry, this private Foundation approached us to help launch their new entity. Together we created a custom icon and married it with a font that represented the collaborative opportunities of their programs. We then translated the brand across a new website, print materials and a “welcome kit” for their newly minted Fellows. We are so excited to see the impact they will make in the lives of so many young patients.

When COVID-19 struck, the founders of Pyxis saw an opportunity. They owned a large packaging company and wanted to help with the PPE crisis. They quickly retooled and were soon producing easy to assemble, recyclable face shields. With time of the essence, they reached out to Communications, Ink. We quickly turned around a custom logo that leveraged the “green” aspect of the shield, executed a socially-distanced photoshoot and put up a new website. In just a few weeks they had a new website and were taking orders for their shields.


With a singular focus on bringing paleo-inspired meals and classes to families and individuals, this start-up, retail store needed the visual assets, logo design, retail design, packaging and advertising to announce their arrival. They turned to Communications, Ink to articulate their brand and and to tell their story in person, on the road and on-line. Building psychographic profiles, we set to work creating a distinct brand with its own custom font and color palette, marketing plan, meal “map,” menus, packaging & uniforms, retail design plans, van customization, signage, billboards, print ads, website, social media strategy and a custom-designed, retro broth cart.

WINNER: 2019 MUSE Creative Award | WINNER: 2019 Hermes Creative Award

As a niche travel specialist, focused solely on luxury Italian villa travel, Homebase Abroad retains us as their marketing partner. We manage all of their digital and print marketing as well as their social media platforms. We also manage a PR team and Italian photographer. We recently updated their logomark with a distinct typeface, icon and “key” pattern that reflects their singular focus on Italy. We then deployed the brand across all their travel documents, sales materials, stationery and corporate website. We also manage their email campaigns, which have an enviable 41% open rate and social media. Their Instagram account has nearly 10,000 followers and the Founder is a sought-after expert on Italian villa travel.

This Boston-based non-profit was looking for a marketing partner who could help them grab the public’s attention and promote their dazzling light displays. With a current logo in need of updating, we got to work designing an animated logo that lit up just like their events. We then designed a new website, managed their social media platforms, helped them set up email marketing campaigns and designed a modular pitchbook.

We worked with Sperry to update their brand and e-commerce website. Our goal was to elevate the look and feel of all of their marketing materials. We put together a refreshed library of images for the brand and digital marketing with in studio and on location photoshoots. We also created marketing pieces for various collaborations and seasonal campaigns.

Curated Design Services turned to Communications, Ink for help her articulating and designing a new brand for an interior design company. Armed with some of the owner's favorite fabrics we set to work designing a logo, stationary suite and website to represent the company's strong, confident design style. While working on this, one of the designer’s homes was selected to be featured on the front cover of New Hampshire Home Magazine. Fortunately we were able to take all the marketing materials live in record time. Within days of the launch, Curated had already received several new business inquiries.


Liminality Partners supports high-net wealth individuals who wish to design and implement a philanthropic strategy that achieves the impact they desire. Given their target audience, the Company approached us to design a unique brand that was elegant and simple but also affordable. We designed a logo, website, stationery suite, brochure, marketing materials and promotional items to promote their services. We also helped the founder design a series of printed materials that visually-represented her proprietary consulting approach and provided a Client Worksheet to guide their meetings.


We were approached by this startup life science company to help them create a new logo. The company is focused on delivering therapies that reprogram the human immune system at a cellular level. During our exploration, we quickly realized we wanted to represent not only the science but also the human collaboration between patients and their families, scientists, employees, investors and business partners. The final design is a bird in flight representing wellness and good health. The wings are in the shape of a thymus and the color palette of pinks and blues represents the colors found in thymus at a cellular level. It was a true honor to be a part of their important work to bring health to more people.


A yet-to-be named start up AI company with a radically new way to approach data analytics, asked us to articulate their brand and launch the organization to investors. From the outset we worked closely with the leadership to build a brand that would represent the company’s capabilities, energy and vision for the future. With the help of a Deep Dive we ideated a name and created a logo for the company. We are currently in the process of translating the new look across PowerPoint presentations, stationery suite, corporate “swag” and a new website.


Having a logo that was more than 20-years old Wellspring hired us to conduct primary research, articulate their brand message, update their logo and add a new tagline to explain their expanded presence. We then rolled this out across a new stationery package, Annual Fund report, newsletter and printed materials as well as into event marketing for their very successful Annual Lunch. Today, Wellspring’s audiences understand not only their breadth of services but their vision for building a just society where every member in their community thrives.

WINNER: 2019 Communicator Award | WINNER: 2019 Hermes Award


With a large fan base on the North Shore of Massachusetts, the owners of Bagel World needed to build a new dynamic website that would offer more content and online ordering. First we helped them update their logo and then wrote, designed and launched a new, mobile-friendly website that integrated with their third party ordering platform. The site was built during COVID-19 which meant a photoshoot was out of the question. So we retouched their social media images and layered in stock photos for the visual assets. Easy to update, the owners can go in themselves and make revisions to their hours, menus and locations. That’s something you can sink your teeth into!


As a non-profit that interacts with a wide range of community organizations, they needed their brand and marketing materials to reflect their multi-cultural roots. They turned to Communications, Ink to update their logo and design a range of marketing materials that included a website, event marketing, stationery and a donor piece. Leveraging their “knot” we updated the colors and added a tagline.



Atlantic K9: Atlantic K9 takes a holistic approach to dog training and boarding. They hired Communications, Ink to help them build followers, increase their client base and increase awareness for their services in the greater Boston region. We helped them expand their brand by adding additional colors, fonts and visual elements. We then helped them build their website, set up their social media and email campaigns, purchase adwords and create a marketing calendar. With their new skills, they are off and running beyond the pack!


Feeling their name was outdated, Historic Beverly looked to us to help create a new name and more vibrant logo. We married a simplified name with a descriptive tagline, historic font and custom color palette. We then created three sub-brands for each of their properties. The updated brand was then used on new membership materials, brochures, signage & banners, website and social media. The new look was unveiled at an outdoor fundraiser to great success. Today, the organization enjoys a unified brand that helps them share Beverly’s rich history with the general public through its houses, collections and events.

WINNER: Hermes Creative Award | WINNER: Marcom Award | WINNER: NEMA Excellence Award

When the towns of Hamilton and Wenham secured grant funding to promote and expand their shop local initiative, they sent out an RFP. Communications, Ink was awarded the contract to conduct market research that would influence a rebranding, event materials and new website to support more than 200 local businesses. We conducted two focus groups and an online survey to learn how LocalHW could support the local businesses. We then translated our findings into a logo that was reflected across a new website and social media. We worked closely with an event planner to provide the visual assets for a Fall Festival. This included street banners, sandwich board signs, an event flyer, stickers, window clings, tote bags and tshirts. Not only was the event attended by more than 200 people but it provided local businesses with visibility and support as they struggle to emerge from the pandemic.
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Having completed a recent merger, Harborlight Montessori was looking for a strategic marketing partner to help them find a new name that reflected their expanded status as a toddler through 8th grade school that combines the best Montessori practices with innovative teaching. Working with the board, we helped them select a new name and tagline. We then built a distinct logo mark that helped differentiate the school from other academic institutions. We also set them up with new signage & school banners, advertising, an updated website, printed materials and stationery suite as well as the elements for a successful kickoff event including swag and newly rebranded school buses. Armed with a Style Guide and some training, the staff at Harborlight is able to do much of the marketing in-house while still calling upon us for more complex projects.

This comprehensive radiological remediation & decommissioning company needed a new logo to reflect their expanded services. They initially considered a name change but after our Deep Dive revealed the name (which originally reflected the founders’ initials) also represented carbon and nitrogen which are part of a nuclear fusion reaction, they decided to continue with the name. We worked on visually representing the company brand by alluding to the well-known icon for nuclear power and a spotlight representing the helpfulness of their services. With a new logo, font family and color palette we helped them designed new collateral materials as well as write new website copy and set up their social media including LinkedIn.

Embarking on an ambitious capital campaign to distinguish the Academy as a global leader in education, we were hired to interview key stakeholders and generate a Deep Dive report. We also worked with them to develop a campaign theme (“Create + Innovate”) and key messages. With those resolved, we worked with their in-house design team to create printed campaign materials and a password-protected microsite. We are delighted they reached their goals ahead of schedule and the campus now boasts a new science center, classrooms and dormitories as well as a more robust endowment.


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