“Comm Ink isn’t a consultant; they are a partner. Since we started working together on an innovative concept that is multi-dimensional, we have worked collaboratively across a broad spectrum of disciplines including not only website design but our outbound email campaign and social media. In a mathematical world of 1+1=2, our partnership has equaled 3.”
– Martin Zieff, CEO Kismet Commerce

At Communications, Ink we believe our best work comes from strong client collaborations. Good marketing is relational. We bring expertise and experience as well as cost-effective solutions and scalability to every project. This frees you up to focus on your core competencies. Over the years we have built strong collaborations with our clients that result in work that turns heads.
Kismet Commerce is a startup company in Newton, MA with an original concept: bring ecommerce workspace and fulfilment all under one collaborative roof. They hired Communications, Ink to help them bring their vision to life in a way that was original and exciting. They also hired us to be their outsourced marketing department. Here's how we did it:
Start with a Brand Strategy
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To build a long-lasting and effective brand, we needed to understand why Kismet mattered and to whom. Through a series of conversations, market research and interviews we were able to articulate the key messages and target audiences.

Build a Dynamic Brand

With this information, we created a new brand for Kismet. Visually drawing on our profiles of ecommerce entrepreneurs as individuals seeking the freedom of being in charge, we created a Destineer who is poised on the rocketship of success. We then used the contrail of a plane to inspire the font. With those assets we were able to translate them across their sales and marketing materials.

Rollout a New Website

It was now time to share Kismet with the world. After helping Kismet secure their URL and hosting, we were ready to build them a new website. The challenge for this stage of their marketing was the facility was not yet open. How do we tell their story in a way that is authentic and inspires interest? We carefully selected images and wrote copy explaining the idea as well as the opportunity and why it was valuable to ecommerce entrepreneurs. We continue to update the website as the construction is nearing completion and they’re signing new tenants.
Engage with Prospects
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From email campaigns, PowerPoint presentations and social media management to outdoor signage and swag, we created the materials the Kismet team needs to be visible to their audiences.
Refine, Contribute and Scale
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We meet frequently to track progress and learn more about where Kismet is in the sales pipeline. This allows us to make real time changes to the marketing plan, refine the marketing materials and present them new opportunities. We look forward to the Grand Opening in July!
It takes time to build-a strong partnership, but it can yield long-lasting results. How can we help?