While COMM.INK is a full-service marketing agency we believe everything starts with a good brand. And that includes a good logomark. For more than two decades, we have been helping companies and organizations like yours do everything from creating a new brand to giving it an update.

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When is it time to design (or redesign)?

1. Modifying an existing logo that doesn’t work well with today’s marketing
2. Updating an outdated designs that is in need of a refresh
3. Visualizing a new entity

Below are examples of each:

Houston, we have a problem.
Technical reasons for a brand update.

Greater Lawrence Technical School is a four-year, regional technical high school serving the four communities of Andover, Lawrence, Methuen and North Andover. It offers students an academic and vocational education to explore career paths and hone their skills. The school’s logo, which was designed at the inception of the school in 1963 was no longer appearing properly in today’s media including digital applications. There was too much detail in the icon for the icon to be scaled down or used as an embroidery. For that reason they were using the initials, GLTS, but inconsistently. Furthermore, they did not have a consistent orange they were using across all their branded materials. During our conversations with key stakeholders, we recognized there was significant brand recognition and fondness for the current logo. Rather than designing something new, we identified the key elements of the logo mark, simplified them and made them more scaleable. We also shorted the name from Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational and Technical School to Greater Lawrence Technical School, selected a new font and color palette. Might be subtle, but they now have brand materials they can use consistently across all of their marketing materials.


You’re wearing that? Again??
When it’s time for a refresh.

Just as hemlines go up and down, logo designs reach a point where they no longer represent who you are. It might be the style feels dated or it represents a different organization than who you are today. Whatever the reason, the challenge is figuring out what to keep and what to change.

It might be a new name like renaming Northshore Community Mediation Center to The Resolution Center.

Screenshot 2024 03 26 at 6.00.42 PMResolution Center logo tag fullColor rgb 600
Or it might be creating new visual elements for an existing entity.
Whatever the case, we work with you to unlock the elements you want to keep and where we can freshen up the design.

We recently worked with McMahon Communications, a public relations and government affairs agency that works with start-ups, utilities, power generations and environmental agencies. They had been using their logo since they started and no longer felt it represented who they were. Simply put, they were tired of it and wanted something new. Together we looked at peer logos, discussed what they liked and didn’t like. We used this to generate a moodboard. We also considered the elements they wanted to keep—the blue and their name. That said, we did provide them with two versions of their logo: one with their full name and another that just said McMahon. They also wanted a typeface design and we designed a “swoosh” that created energy and added an accent color. That swoosh could also be used as a pattern. Placed beneath the ”M,” this element provided an icon for use on social media. We then built out the color palette and selected a font family.

Screenshot 2024 03 26 at 5.53.09 PMMcMahonPrimaryRGB copy

Click here for more logo refresh examples.

Hello! Want to know more?
A professional logo makes good business sense.

We all have that little voice that says maybe we don’t need a logo. Or maybe we can just limp along. Having a logo is a vital business investment. Done right, it will last you for many years, create a professional impression, communicate your core values and your audience expects you to put your best foot forward.

When Kismet Commerce approached us about building a new logo for their brand concept, we helped them to understand their offering, what made it valuable and who would care. And what they do is quite cool: they’re building co-workplaces for small businesses and ecommerce entrepreneurs to build, store, ship their products.

With a new name, we worked with them to create a tagline (“as unique as you.”) and design an icon that represents the freedom a “destineer” has when they move their business to Kismet. We then hand-drew the font and selected a color palette that was quietly confident, elegant but happy. Finally, we married it all together with an appropriate font family.

kismet logo full color rgb 900px w 72ppi

The new logo was also turned into signage, swag and will be used in the buildout of their new facility in Newton, MA.


Need a logo? Looking to update what you have? Give us a call!