There are some things that are destined to be a fad as soon as they are created. Ceramic sculptures you slather with seeds and hope will sprout. A plastic device that serves no purpose. And a Rorschach image you’re supposed to scan with an app you have to download to your phone. At least that's what we thought. And then COVID hit. Menus were off limits as they became germ spreaders. People were no longer meeting in person. URLs that were alphabet soup had no chance of being properly typed on a keyboard let alone your mobile phone.

QR Codes are Easy to Use
With COVID the QR codes we had relegated to the history books came roaring back and it appears they are here to stay. Generating and using QR Codes has become easy as 1, 2, 3. You don’t have to download an app. You just point your camera at the code and you are magically directed to a website page.

QR Codes are Great for Print
Digital pieces allow us to easily direct the reader to a website page using a hyperlink. But it’s harder with a print piece since you can’t click on anything. That’s where QR Codes can save the day. If you are designing a poster, direct mail piece, flyer or even a business card that contains a URL or needs to link out to more information, why not include a QR Code?

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How to Make A QR Code
It’s really easy and it can even be free! That said, it’s important to assess your needs before getting your code. We like to use QR Code Monkey, Adobe or Canva. Free QR Code generators work well when you’re running one campaign, don’t need tracking or customization. To make a QR Code, you just paste the URL you want to point the reader to into the app and it will generate the icon. You can save it as a JPEG and add it to your print design. Just be sure the resolution is clear and the color is dark enough for a camera to photograph it. Want to be fancy? You can even generate a custom QR Code with your branding but that involves an investment. We would love to hear how you’ve used QR Codes with your business. What’s next for a comeback? Mullets?