Full confession. We love rebranding. We love rebranding that involves community input, research and a focus on creating an inclusive, accurate emblem even more. That’s why we decided to submit a proposal to redesign Andover’s town seal. We are delighted to announce we were selected and are humbled to begin the important work.

As a mission-driven organization, our best work is done with organizations looking to advance equity, truth and justice. Realizing their town seal depicting a native American man, does not accurately reflect their community or the history of their community, the Town established a Town Seal Review Committee. They are tasked with reviewing the current seal for historical and cultural misrepresentations and soliciting input to assist with developing recommendations (that’s where we come in!) that may result in modification to the town seal.


Fun bit of history, the town seal was first created in 1885 as a text only stamp. Since then the seal has been modified 4 times. The most recent version was designed for the town’s 350th anniversary by Kristoffel Meulan, a high school student at the time.

In recent years, many towns with native American or colonial history depicted on their town seals have been addressing their inaccuracy. Even the state is the process of redesigning the state seal. To learn more about Cutshumache, and the Cowasuck Band, Leaders Denise and Paul Pouliot were invited to bring their history and values to life. It’s a fascinating story about placing European values on communities that are lead by women and don’t approach physical boundaries in the same way.

Understanding these histories, finding common ground and creating an appropriate emblem for everyone in the town is how we are approaching this project. From our first intake meeting, to the commissioning of a survey and community forums, the process will be inclusive and transparent. Best of all, none of us know how it will turn out.

Think it’s not a big deal? The town seal appears on official documents, buildings, uniforms, vehicles and a large mosaic. We are very excited to work with the Committee, town officials, residents and business owners to learn, create and possibly replace the current seal.

You can follow the progress and get updates here.