In this noisy world, it’s daunting for established companies to attract the attention of their customers, let alone inspire them to act. It’s even more challenging for startups and non-profits with limited budgets.
WHO your target audiences are
WHAT to say to them
WHERE to reach them
WHEN to connect with them
WHY your organization matters to them
is absolutely critical to your organization’s success.
Before you jump into a new marketing plan, it’s worth taking a Deep Dive with a seasoned marketing team like Communications, Ink to better understand your strengths, differentiators, target audiences, key messages and tone.
The Deep Dive
Our time-tested process goes beyond secondary research to understand the environment in which you operate. We do this by interviewing key stakeholders and doing an in-depth analysis of your peers. With this knowledge, we generate meaningful copy and images that resonate with your audiences and can be used throughout your entire marketing plans and campaigns.
Secondary Research
Market trends review
Peer analysis
Data collection & interpretation
Marketing Audit
Channel identification and analysis
Marketing and campaign materials
Strategic document evaluation
SWOT Analysis
Budget analysis
Plan creation
Role assignment & training
Surveys & Interviews with internal staff, customers (past & present) and influencers
Confidential 1-1 Interviews
Focus groups
Interpretation and theme identification
Audience Identification & Psychographic Profiling
Ideal customer profile articulation
Psychographic definitions based on personality, attitudes, habits, interests, education and demographics
Message Mapping
Company positioning and USP
Tone and emotion refinement
Key message generation, alignment and prioritization
Support points
Big Idea synthesis
One-page actionable roadmap for your marketing strategy

Brand Map
Client Tested, Client Approved
“With the Deep Dive, the Communications, Ink team has provided a fresh look to our decades-old brand and helped us to better define who we are and why we exist. They’ve helped propel our deep history forward into a more relevant and compelling context. The team thinks big and innovatively, without losing track of details, and delivers on what they promise. They’ve sought to understand our business beyond our marketing needs and have provided insight that is not just influential to our marketing, but to our overall business strategy.”
- Laura Player, CMO of Wise Construction
Equipped with this toolbox of knowledge, you are ready to discover your new opportunities. Let’s get started!