How We Work
After an exploratory meeting to unlock their goals, target messages and key audiences, we pulled together a plan of action. In addition to increasing their social media presence and running some strategic marketing campaigns, we recommended OEM Press update their website to include more content and offer a better user experience for their online customers. As we dug into updating their website it became apparent their website issues extended beyond the appearance of their website. Over the years, they were incurring significant recurring costs to host and maintain their website as well as their CRM platform. It was also very difficult for them to execute simple edits in a timely fashion. Unfortunately this is not a unique situation and one we have encountered before (read more).

What We Did
Rather than pushing forward, we donned our IT consulting hats. Together with Curtis Vouwie, the founder and publisher of OEM Press, we came up with a solution that was more affordable and that allowed them to quickly make website edits themselves while preserving their sales and customer histories. It was also critical they seamless transition to their new website for their staff and customers.

Our Solution
We believe in coming up with solutions that are best for our customers. After a couple of months of working with their website platform it became clear the best solution for OEM press was to start fresh with a new webiste and hosting platform.

The Results
With an exciting, in-person conference quickly approaching, we were able to identify a 3rd party platform that had robust e-commerce functionality and could be customized. The final result is a beautiful website that OEM Press can update themselves and functions at a much lower operating cost. The initial feedback is very positive!
Thanks Curtis, Cathy and Alexis!!
“Thank you to Communications, Ink for their help with designing and implementing our new website. The involvement of Cara and her team of creative problem solvers was invaluable!”
- Curtis Vouwie/OEM Press