We created an event website, on-line program book, introduction slideshow and knit together speaker videos that kept the audience engaged and connected. The event included a private audience of CEOs and life science professionals who were then assigned to virtual breakout rooms for networking and conversation. The event was huge success.

That event helped us appreciate the power of gathering and how we can still come together and make connections, even during a pandemic. Whether we gather to share information, celebrate a milestone or launch a new initiative, the event format and content will determine its success. Planning and executing the event can be quite stressful, especially if you have limited resources and experience. We have created this checklist to help you address the most important elements to executing a flawless event.

1. Set clear goals & objects
Before diving into the event itself, it's important to take the time to articulate what you want the event to accomplish. The initial conceptualizing will help to drive the design that realizes your
vision. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and you have a way to measure the success.

2. Establish a budget
Taking the time to secure multiple estimates from different vendors and being very specific about the costs will reduce the chance of going over budget. Items in the budget should include venue costs, catering, gifts, technology & software, video production, printing, promotion and marketing. Capturing all of those costs will also allow you to make informed budgetary decisions. While you are saving on a venue and even catering, the cost to film, produce and broadcast the event can get very expensive. There are also many considerations: Do you want a 3D virtual event? Will it be a Zoom broadcast? Who will produce the videos and “knit” them together? Thinking through all the details at this early stage will result in a more effective, final product.

3. Determine the date
The date and time of your event is very important. You need consider what works best for your attendees and speakers as well as what other events might be happening that same day. Searching public calendars will help you see who else might have something planned.

4. Generate a theme
Every event starts with a story. You should weave this story into every moment of your event to create an unforgettable experience. Your theme should be consistent with your brand and your goals. Everything you say and create for the event should reinforce this.

5. Build a broadcast schedule
This will help you set the tempo for the event and understand how long it will run. It will also help you to understand what assets (like video) you need to secure and help you build the final product.

6. Promote the event
Events need people! Be sure to spend the time letting people know about the event. Take the time to send reminders to build the excitement. We find RSVPs arrive closer and closer to the event date. Frequent reminders will help motivate responses and build the number of participants.

As a strategic marketing agency with experience building and executing a wide range of events, we take pride in our execution to create a singular, incomparable experience. We would be delighted to help you turn your next idea into an unforgettable event. Call us today for a free 30 minute consultation - 978-524-0420 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..