After a months-long application process, we received word we are now certified as a women-owned business both locally and nationally for the Center for Women & Enterprise, the regional certifier for the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

“This certification is a true reflection of our culture and mission to champion diversity in our community. It also helps our clients who are looking to develop their supplier diversity programs and further economic growth in our local communities.” Cara McCarthy Hutchins, Founder & CEO

Earning this certification was no small feat. The WBENC standard of certification, implemented by the Center for Women & Enterprise, is a lengthy and meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business and site inspection, designed to confirm the business is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by women. Much like a “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval, we have demonstrated our solid business practices and performance.

So why is this certification so important?

1. This certification allows us to work with both private and public-sector organizations who embrace supplier diversity. Like us, these organizations care about leveling the playing field for smaller organizations by recognizing the power of our talents and contributions. It’s about commitment and creation.

2. Tax incentives! Working with a women-owned business will get you some well-deserved federal tax benefits. The federal government offers tax incentives to companies that conduct business with minority and women-owned businesses. Some states even grant tax incentives for working with women-led companies.

3. It opens new sources of revenue. According to the Hackett Group, working with a WBENC-certified business can increase your profitability and provide distinct competitive advantages.

4. It diversifies your supplier base while allowing you to choose the options that are the best fit for your company’s needs.

5. It shows you care about working in diverse markets. WBEs are the fastest growing sector of our economy. Working with a women-owned business makes your organization more attractive to corporations seeking second-tier.

6. It fosters innovation. Data proves that diverse teams produce more creative results than teams that have members who come from the same background.

Communications, Ink is proud and excited to be amongst the #girlbosses and women-led businesses who make a difference each and every day. We are grateful to all those who have helped us build our business and contribute to our ongoing success. We’d love the opportunity to share with you why we’d be a great “win-win” partner with you.

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