Who knew that almost 12 months later we would still be impacted by the pandemic? What does that mean for you and your organization?The pandemic is impacting not only our health and well-being, but the entire way we interact with each other. As a business owner, entrepreneur or director, you are trying to figure out this new “normal." Here are some tips to help:

1. Make sure your website is in tip-top shape. Since we can’t meet in person, your website is your only public face and the first place people will go. Make sure it’s got the right tone and messaging to do you proud. Be sure to run these diagnostics:

a. Is your website up to date to reflect the environment in which you are operating?
b. Do all your links work?
c. Does your site work well on tablets and phones?
d. Are all the buttons and calls to action easy to see and use? (It’s always a good idea to ask a friend to test drive your site. They might even pick up a typo or other mistake. Thank you Aunt Sally!).

2. Ramp up your social. We are spending a lot more time on our phones. Not convinced? See how much screen time you’re averaging. It’s likely that if you’re spending more time on social, so too are your clients, donors and prospects. Be sure you’re on the channels they’re using. For example, if you’re a lawyer, it’s probably best to focus your efforts on LinkedIn. Make sure your page is built out and reflects your brand with consistent language and images. Then post, post, post. Nothing is worse than a page with old content. Don’t know what to say? Share what others have to say. Heck, they might even return the favor.

3. Provide frequent, helpful updates. Spend some time anticipating what questions your target audience has and be ready with an answer. Post information in useful places—social media and eblasts are working especially well these days.

4. Consider a boost. It’s hard to break out from the clutter. Google and Facebook don't make it any easier. You have to pay to play these days so determine a realistic budget to promote social media posts. You might even consider Adwords to help you come up first on Google.

5. Mirror the “real” experience. Since we can’t meet face to face, think of ways to mimic that experience. If you have a retail store, be sure to post photos and descriptions of all the items you are selling. Include photos of the staff and your store to give people a sense of connection.

6. Ensure your fulfillment is friction-less. By that we mean: is it easy to order and get questions answered? Nothing is more frustrating than a phone that rings and isn’t answered or not receiving timely information. Consider an FAQ that explains how you’re engaging with your audience and what you’re doing.

7. It’s better to give than to receive. These times require offering more than you have in the past. We aren’t talking deep discounts to new customers who might disappear as fast as they arrived. We are suggesting you identify your most valuable clients, donors and prospects then reach out them in a very personal way that shows how much you value their continued trust. That might be free delivery, a surprise gift or a special offer to a loyal customer. It keeps your customers happily returning. Who doesn’t want that?

Whether you need help adding new content to your website or social media, setting up an online store, figuring out what messages are best to say or just making yourself more visible, we are here to help.

Be well,
Cara, Cazzy and Melissa