As strategic marketers, we love a challenge and that’s why we were excited when we received a call from the founder of Pyxis Shields. The request: design a logo and website that could be launched ASAP for a new product relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The owner ran a successful box manufacturing business and when health professionals were asking the public to wear face protection, they saw an opportunity. The company quickly retooled their box making equipment to convert pie boxes into face shields that shipped flat, were easy to customize and provided an extra layer of protection during an escalating pandemic. The shields could be easily stored, provided a solution for the the demand of PPE and were recyclable. We got right to work.

pyxis logo fc2
To design the logo we identified two key attributes. 1. The clear shield allowed people to see the wearer’s face making them more approachable 2. the materials were eco-friendly. That allowed us to create “Terra” the earth, friendly face shield. The next hurdle was to figure out how to showcase the masks on the new website. After all, we were in the middle of a pandemic. Fortunately our trusted photographer, Bill Sumner, was willing to open his private studio for a socially-distanced shoot. With green screens we were able to replicate banks, casinos and airplanes. The owner's family modeled the new shield prototypes and we were able to turn around the new images in a matter of days.

website screenshot 600
Using the new logo and photos, we quickly designed the site navigation and template for the home and subpages. We wrote copy to describe and promote the new faceshields. With those assets in place, we built a custom website that was mobile friendly and search engine optimized using keywords like “COVID-19 protection”, “green PPE” and “protective face shields”. Working together we were able to get the site up and running in very short order.

social screenshot 600

The final step was to help Pyxis set up and update their social media platforms. And with that, they were ready to market their new PPE product.

Our strategic approach to marketing helps our clients capitalize quickly on new opportunities and provides them with a clear roadmap to what they need to do so they can get to where they want to go.

Times are tough right now and everything feels a bit unfamiliar which makes it more important than ever to have a trusted marketing partner. Let us help.

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Be well,
Cara, Cazzy and Melissa