We wish you and your families a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. While it’s going to look different this year, we are grateful for the beautiful place we call home. To help you get through these dark, quiet, days we have put together a list of our favorite things…

1. Get out and go for a walk. All Trails is a free app that will help you discover paths and walks right in your backyard. While outside, we enjoy finding natural boughs we can bring home to decorate.


2. Take a trip… virtually! We can’t travel right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t be transported to beautiful places. Here are a few we enjoy:

Temples of Angkor
Sydney Opera House
Guggenheim Museum
Underwater Roman Ruins of Baiae

3. Cook something new. If you’re like us, you have some newfound culinary skills. We’ve learned how to bake bread, make sushi, perfect fish tacos and find multiple purposes for a roast chicken. Here are a few we recommend:

Pizza dough, bread, focaccia. This recipe makes enough to try all three!
Need a warm bowl of chili to warm up after your walk? Ina Garten delivers that...
Have a free Sunday afternoon? Make something sweet and get your creative juices flowing with tinted frosting, sprinkles and candy eyes


4. Keep summer going by growing some herbs or microgreens right on your counter.

5. Sing! Socially-distanced caroling with your bubble will boost everyone’s spirits.

Here’s a list of lyrics:

This one is a favorite of ours…

We wish you all a Winter Wonderland!
We’d love to hear what you plan to do this holiday season!

Cara, Cazzy and Melissa