“My experience was fantastic and exactly what I needed. Cazzy was very helpful and answered all my questions enabling me to effectively take control of my own social media. I found huge value in working with the team.” – Matt Ulrich, Ulrich Landscape

In this ever changing landscape of “new normal,” we are being asked by clients to teach them how to run their own social media. Tight financial times mixed with the need for rapid customer response has made this a good option for some of our smaller business clients.

FEATURED CLIENT: Ulrich Landscape Collaborative

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces isn’t just about drawing a plan. Instead, it’s about marrying custom landscape design expertise with proven construction skills to ensure the final result is exactly what you desire, at the price you expected. Matthew Ulrich brings his expertise in landscape design and construction to extend the outdoor living experience for homeowners throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Having worked with us on some strategic marketing initiatives, Matt contacted us because he wanted help setting up and managing his social media. Realizing the potential for new work now that people are spending more time at home, he wanted to reach more qualified customers in his area and showcase his design projects in real time.

As part of our Social Starter package, we started we helped Matt set some goals and then we put our DIY plan into action:

1. We decided that Instagram, because of its image-driven platform, would be the best way to display his beautiful landscape designs, both past and present.

2. We set up his page by:

– Resizing his logo and adding his profile picture
– Adding a brief bio
– Linking his website to his bio page
– Offering a list of resized images for him to caption and use
– Putting up his first post

3. Next we did extensive hashtag research to see which tags would benefit his business goals and presented him with a list to use going forward.

4. The last step was a Zoom tutorial to go over best practices for successful Instagram posting. We discussed:

– What to post
– When to post
– Which hashtags to use when
– How to size images for both feed posts and Instagram stories
– How to review analytics and make adjustments

We also talked about how to photograph projects going forward. Since Instagram posts are square (1080 px X 1080 px) and Instagram stories are vertical (1080 px X 1920 px), you have to start taking pictures with an eye towards both. The other option is to edit your images using Adobe Photoshop which takes some technical skill but there are plenty of tutorials out there to show you how.

After 1 more Zoom call to answer Matt’s final questions, he was ready to roll. We are happy to report that he is posting daily and his images are truly showcasing Ulrich Landscape’s beautiful landscape design projects. Rock on Matt!

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