Scott Murphy has spent the last 19 years building up a portfolio of well over 100 dynamic websites for companies all across the United States. From E-commerce sites for small retail shops to large scale web communities for multi-national companies, He specializes in website design, E-commerce, social media optimization and online brand building. Scott continues to utilize his expertise to develop state of the art, mobile friendly, industry leading and award winning websites for our small,local clients and large corporate partners.

Before joining Communications, Ink Scott honed his marketing skills during a 27-year career in radio broadcasting. He worked closely with small businesses to market their stores, products and services gaining valuable experience in branding, creative copywriting and multi-media concepts. He has transferred those marketing skills into his web designs and continues to come up with unique ways to connect with every client’s prospective customers.

Scott brings an unlimited wealth of knowledge to the team. His creative web designs have delivered massive results over the years and he is prepared to do the same for you, your company and your customers!